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What is BACB Plus?

BACB Plus is the first virtual bank in Bulgaria, brought to you by Bulgarian-american credit bank.
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    The BACB Plus platform offers fully digitalized banking services, such as Digital documents archive, Calendar of payments, Wallet, access through a single customer to one or more bank clients

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    The BACB platform offers a variety of ways to communicate with us, including chat, Skype, social networks and call upon request.

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    The BABC Plus platform is easy to navigate, convenient and intuitive, so that banking is quick and efficient, without problems encountered with complicated platforms.

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    BACB was set up to add value to banking and to save your resources, so that you have time for the really important things in your life.

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    BABC Plus is everywhere any time. The various channels for banking activities make it possible for you to accomplish them without limitations to the device you use or the means to sign transactions.

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    BACB Plus provides maximum protection. For the first time we introduced the use of anti-phishing protection, based on the choice of an image and a phrase upon initial registration.

How does BACB Plus work?